MindMaze / Press

"Another strength of the album is that it is hard to pick standout tracks because the difference between my favorite track and least favorite track is quite small."

"This is an album that seems to race by. It is power but strongly leaning towards a progressive style, a rich concoction that really nails it."

"...have made an incredible album that will take this band to a new platform of music excellence. I can’t even choose a song to begin talking about as every song on this 68 minute album is just as strong as the next. "

"This is the album I've been wanting to hear from them ever since the first time I heard Mask of Lies. It's no surprise to me how quickly the album has established itself in my regard as their best yet. It's even fair to say that MindMaze have now made three albums that each belong to a different genre."

“Mask of Lies is just a well-written, well-executed melodic progressive metal album all around, and the production and artwork are beyond what you might expect from an independent release.”

“Although MindMaze is currently without a record deal, it shouldn’t be long before the independent record labels come calling. With bands like MindMaze out there, the future looks bright for U.S. power metal.”

“MindMaze deserves to get more exposure, as their music stands up very well against the current genre luminaries on both sides of the Atlantic. Good songwriting, solid performances all-around, and distinct edge provided by an accomplished vocalist make Mask of Lies a winner.”

“MindMaze is an exceptionally talented band which over time will become a finely honed, extraordinary metal machine! Mask of Lies is an album that the band can be very proud of, especially considering it was self produced and recorded with a small budget.”

“The vocals are clear and very strong, the melodies couldn't be any better, the guitar work is magnificent at points, and the songwriting is as perfect as it gets”