Mindful Chaos / Press

“Your lyrics are extremely captivating, some were mind boggling as i felt myself captivated and lost in your music with the element of surprise with those amazing riffs that just fn blew me away! \m/”

“When I listen, what I hear is a great synergy between intent and execution. Every note matters and every word conveys not only meaning, but emotion as well. Just superb work!! Aug 14”

“Stream of Consciousness music at it's finest!”

My subconscious - Just go with it mag

“Misbegotten is the tune of the day. Damn...if ever there was the sound of a soul screaming to the heavens while trapped in this crazy human body this is it. Pure human emotion for all to hear. Exquisite.”

“: ASH you FREAKIN ROCK!!! I love energy behind your music girl...it's unchained, energetic & extremely kinetic!!!!!! much respect my friend, MUCH! Dianne♥”

“Wicked good songs Ash..and love the raw, loose production style. really diggin the plucky guitar style on "starving" with just a simple ride cymbal and bass loop with loaded verb vocals floating across the speakers...a solid soundcsape of poetry and musical ideas. Original and compelling. Look forward to hearing more from you!! ”

"I love this Girl! she plays hard, she works hard and she thinks hard! Her Brain IS positronic! And She's got the fingers of fury! evenin miss."

“You've some gorgeous lines on Starving & Misbegotten & your star is rising Ash ~ Best wishes, Andrew Austin”

“Coming soon, new tune called "Speed of Light in a Vacuum". based on 299,792,458 meters per second”

“You play guitar really well for being olllll, er no spring chicken!”

“Once I made a guy cry with my song "Scars". I think he was on acid but the man was crying!”

“WTF!!!!!! That is you!?!?! Are you sure?”

“I like your singing, very dynamic, I am impressed with the instrumentation, I find the subject matter frankly disturbing...”

“No one rocks out like that crazy chick Ash!”

Someone who is not me, I did not say this about myself! wink wink - My subconcious