D. Millz / Press

“knew you would be great in music, You have always been talented. You look and sound great. This is definitely your calling, doing what you were born to do. DO THE DANG THANG.”

“Love your musically abilities. smile keep doing what you do.”

“Nothing like seeing a hard working brother well on top on the way to the mountains. Soar young eagle soar!!”

“Congrats Bro. Keep up the great work. Thru the glory of God and his power, you shall overcome every situation! For God shall never leave you or forsake you. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Love ya bro...”

“A mathematical mind for music. Feel it my king and let it go, for there are no boundaries for your soulful sound.”

“Congrats!!!! Your music is excellent!!! Go ahead wit your bad self”

“Pump it Up is so amazing sometimes when I listen to it I can't believe a mortal human made it.”