Millipede / Press

“The editing tricks and micro-processed beats are out of the equation, Hill is practicing what has become anathema to many electronic artists: musical evolution. Emphasis is now given to breathing space in these compositions, a wild and unkempt environment to let your mind stretch out in. Don’t try to keep time with what you’re hearing, Millipede are now all about undoing conventions.”

“Millipede put the meaning of their name to my speakers with a ravenously insectoid study of what sound like billions of tiny mandibles digging into the sand. It only gets better over time from this guy, Millipede become more and more developed and confidant with each new entry. Soon the wings will emerge and flight will take place into the realms of expression beyond comprehension.”

“Powerless as an album is shocking and terribly human, which breaks with the austere and inaccessible reputation suffered by the dark ambient genre. (Translated from French)”

“'Powerless' is no by the numbers batch of crap remixes. All of this material is newly composed and then added to by the act in question. You won't find a more perfectly executed case of symmetry this year from anyone else. (8/10) ”

“Every time you think you’ve got the aims of a song in mind Don Hill reveals a sly surprise that throws each expectation on its ear.”

“Millipede has made with All My Best Intentions an almost perfect mixture of idm, glitch, dark ambient and world music influences which results in an interesting organic sound in the 13 tracks of this album.”

“This album will have new and old listeners of genre's such as IDM, glitch and dark ambient coming back to listen again and again. -- [8.5/10]”

“I am flabbergasted, impressed and take my hat off to Hill for what is for me one of the best debut albums I have heard in ages as it strays near to perfection, and I am sure will be revered as a mini classic in its own right in years to come; awesome. 9.8/10”

“Anyone interested in Gridlock or ambient-driven IDM should definitely check this work out. Music to dive deeply into. Mesmerising!”