“Million Kids remind me of Girls Against Boys, a New York band that mixes down and dirty rock of the Stones and Stooges with dance and industrial grooves, and amazingly pulls it off.”

“A well integrated trio, nice vibrant sound and pleasing to the eye. I suggest a good time to be had by all. What some people won’t do for sushi!”

Steve Estrada - Boulevard Sentinel

"MILLION KIDS is a loud abrasive trio from Redondo Beach whose EP, ARRIVALS DEPARTING FLIGHTS, is as infectiously snotty as swine flu. This disc gets very high marks for brash catchiness."

Ron Garmon - Meanstreet Magazine

“The sound of their material ranges from droney and spacey tracks full of a nonchalant attitude a la Sonic Youth (Turn it on) to more classic rock'n'roll and punk episodes. Recommended to those who need a daily dose of noisy guitars”