Miles Phillips / Press

"DAZZLED! … musical excellence, superb phrasing and a burnished top register that rings with authority … As if that weren’t enough, his taste is superb in picking repertoire that's interesting, unusual and unappreciated! Pick up Phillips' terrific CD 'might as well be…'"

David Hurst - Show Business

"A winner … his strength lies in exposing an emotional punch right from the heart. Everything he sings has an inner joy that's palpable."

John Hoglund - Back Stage

"’The cabaret act of the YEAR! ... an absolutely stunning high ... Phillips is one of our finest singers and actors and in this act he surpasses anything he ever has done before!"

Joe Regan, Jr. - CabaretExchange.com

"Miles Phillips is an actor/singer. He's also a very smart and perceptive artist. When he puts on a show you can expect an act as rich as a seven layer cake … performed with considerable charm, grace, and style."

Barbara & Scott Siegel - TalkinBroadway.com

"Passionate heart … luscious voice and a great sense of humor!"

Bradshaw Smith - Broadway Beat

"To invoke an old but pleasant saying, Phillips has a way about him. That way is made up of equal parts steel-girder-strong baritone and take-me-as-I-am personality ... exquisite ... genuinely gracious ... that's what I call intimate-room savoir-faire."

David Finkle - Back Stage

"The performance of Miles Phillips in the lead is excellent - fully realized, very present and nuanced. His Bobby is more vulnerable and accessible … The revelation here is Miles' riveting performance of 'Someone Is Waiting,' full of longing and desperation, with emotional complexity."

Rob Lester - TalkinBroadway.com

"Miles Phillips' debut CD 'might as well be…' captures all the warmth of this singer and the joy of catching him In-Person. It is frequently requested by my listening audience."

David Kenny - WBAI - FM