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“Q: Are you guys just a reggae band? A: That is what people know us as. I learned to play music listening to reggae and we were founded by a bunch of guys who like reggae, but at the same time, we come from so many different influences. We are not purists. We have a reggae foundation, but it is fusion. Lots of blues, rock, which is what reggae is anyway. Right now the direction is to play the music from the heart. Q: Are you doing covers or originals or both? A: People want to hear some of the classic stuff from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Steel Pulse. We play that. We are more about original music, but to be honest, we love playing those covers as well. ”

"This may have been the best opening night ever at Riverbend. The Milele Roots show was incredible. Absolutely fantastic, actually. They brought it to Riverbend with three horns, great percussion, the super guitar playing of Jon Wimpee, and great bass from Christian Crann. Grace Potter rocked the Bud stage after Milele finished up." posted June 12, 2010

“‎"Milele Roots have expanded their sound beyond roots reggae to a mix that comfortably embraces muted Miles-ish trumpet, Perry's pan fired dub, soulful vocals,and a guitarist who adds a rock flavor without overpowering the groove. The band is grounded by a very tight rhythm section featuring a fine keyboard player giving their music a reliably melodic and sensual foundation. Marley established the mode, Milele are building on it, making their own roots rock reggae for the 21st century." - Richard Winham WUTC-FM”

Richard Winham - WUTC-FM

“Deborah Gilmore of In The City magazine states “They’re dubalicious and funked up, they have been known to rock the reggae hard and they might even be habit-forming”.”

In The City

“Ted Reynolds of 91.5 WAWL calls the band “Shimmeringly cool, yet funkily hot: one of the many reasons the reggae band is one of Chattanooga’s most popular acts…I’ve never seen a poorly attended Milele show”. (The Pulse, January 07).”

The Pulse