Mikial Robertson / Press

“Long Overdue: Mikial Robertson’s Fireside Philosopher is Welcome Respite from the Upcoming Winter Cold Mikial Robertson exudes warmth and brotherly love on his new release, Fireside Philosopher. Proving his versatility, this nine track journey through everything from folk to world music will have you smiling and nodding along on first listen. Many of the tracks are misleading in the best way-having poignant subject matter working in tandem with soothing rhythms and harmonies. Sleep Walkin is a perfect example of this arrangement, with its thrumming percussion, courtesy of the gracious Steve Rowland, and bright melody disguising socially conscious lyrics “It seems everyone is sleep walkin/walking up the street/It seems everyone is sleep walking/ busy counting their sheep/ It seems everyone is sleep walking busy shuffling their feet” . The sweet sounding Buzz is proof of Mikial’s ability to combine gentle vocals with his guitar in a way that brings the guitar to life,”

Taylor Gabrysiak - Muncie Voice