“I got to see theses sick fucks at the short lived Fire on Water Rock Venue in Corpus Christi not too long ago. Watching them set up, it was obvious that these guys were going to bring some insanity to the stage. The band’s live show captured your attention with one bizarre thing happening after the other. During the show, 8ball walks on glass, hammers nails into his sinus cavities, and a US flag gets stapled onto Mike Terror’s forehead, while the Terror Dolls dance provocatively. All this madness somehow compliments Mike Terror’s sound and adds to their characters.”

“Last week saw a humongously satisfying show by ICP, the most hated band in the world. Opening for the clowns was Mike Terror, featuring Kemo For Emo vocalist Larry Sanders, who was asked to guest as rhythm guitarist for the gig. Apparently Sanders' inclusion has really given the band a bigger and badder sound because Mike offered Sanders a full-time position on Friday. "Mike really likes Kemo for Emo," said Sanders via telephone. "It's one of his favorite bands. We've known each other since middle school." Sanders has subbed for guitarist EON on occasion, and a nice response at the ICP show helped cement Sanders as a permanent member. The Juggalos had a mixed reaction to the band when their set started, but warmed up quickly once they spotted Terror's ICP tattoo.”