Mike Sullivan / Press

“NATIONAL TV COMMERCIAL-you can hear Mikes song 'Smile' in this new Toothpaste commercial starting in 2014 for 'Hello Products'. 6 months in USA and UK.”

Hello Products TV Commercial

“TV SHOW 'The Young And The Restless' uses Mikes song "Just One Kiss”

TV SHOW "The Young And The Restless"

“TV Show 'The Golf Network' uses Mikes song 'Falling'.”

TV Golf Network

“VIRGIN AIRLINES adds Mikes music to their 'inflight program' 2014”

Virgin Airlines

“WINNER of 'Artist/Album of the Year' - Los Angeles-Music Connection Magazine (2012)”

Music Connection Magazine

“Doane was lucky to have you play! You had incredibly crisp and clear vocals that permeated right through me. I could tell that everyone in the audience was connecting to who you were and what you were singing about. Your personality is amazing. Nebraska would love to have you back. Amanda Doane College Crete, NE”

Doane College

“The crowd of approximately 15,000 was spectacular and your music was enjoyed by everyone! - Donna (Donna Hunter-Administrative Assistant-City of Hermosa Beach California)”

Hermosa Beach Summer Concert Series

“There are very few bands that would cause me to stop to listen in the blistering 92 degree heat! My brother and I both appreciated your style and agreed that you were DEFINITELY worth stopping to listen to. Thanks so much for the awesome performance. Come play the NW Indiana region sometime! Angela Munster, IN”

Decatur Celebration (Music Festival)

““You're an incredible performer! ” - Jennifer Jacobs, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN (Student Activities Director)”

Indiana University

“Teamed up with Charity 'ChildFund' to help needy Children live healthier, happier lives.”

Child Fund

"Gives Back" by performing at Childrens Hospitals.

"Singer/Songwriter of the Year"

Los Angeles Music Awards

“Sullivan gave by far the best musical performance that I've seen on campus and he would be more than welcome to come again. Mike Sullivan Band gets 5 stars out of 5. Kelvin Ash Andrew Courier Andrew College, GA”

Andrew College

“Thank you for being so professional and nice. You were very easy to work with and I really appreciate that. - Anna Fraley, Georgetown University, KY (Student Activities Director)”

Georgetown University

“Fans of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and John Mayer will love Sullivan.”

Music Connection Magazine - Los Angeles

“Sweet, smooth, and spot-on, Mike Sullivan's "Crazy" has "hit" written all over it.The singer wastes no time getting to the hook and deploys his falsetto at just the right times in a way that will leave the ladies smitten. Sullivan's "man in love" persona thrives again in the equally radio-friendly "Just One Kiss"-what a pure, clean voice this performer has, a blue-eyed-soul instrument with wonderful sustain that recalls Mayer, Mraz and Johnson at times. His lilting, uke-fueled cover of '80s nugget "Lady In Red" is a smart choice. Overall score: 9.2 out of 10”

Music Connection Executive Committee - Music Connection Magazine

“Mike's songs STAND OUT among the rest.”

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