Mike Sugar / Press

“Syncopated rhythms of Mike Sugar on bass and drummer Vince Littleton, mixed with the New Orleans boogie woogie piano of Mookie Siegel... cooked up a hot and funky gumbo....”

“...Mike Sugar is a veteran of the road and psychedelic scene. His band Jambay cut a swath through the outposts of America before landing beside author Ken Kesey. Opening the show and providing the soundtrack to Kesey’s musical play “Twister,” Jambay’s legendary status was set. Since then, Sugar has accompanied all the Bay Area mega-hitters—Bob Weir, Melvin Seals.... Playing an intimate solo performance, Sugar will showcase new material and acoustic versions of songs from his latest album, Again with the Microphone.”

“Mike Sugar’s newest CD, Again with the Microphone, has the complex simplicity of a Zen koan. That’s because it sounds round. It’s a free-flow of instrumental weaving, layered with lyrics that have you reaching out for the pause button—but instead you’ll find yourself listening to catch the next phrase. This is a thinking person’s rock, at times with a tonal quality that echoes King Crimson and rhythmic links to the best jam bands, but in the end the style can’t be nailed down. ‘Tossed Across the Line’ and ‘Full of Doubt’ slip into a Pacific Northwest Reggae feel, while ‘Backyard Garden’ glides along smooth-tempo romantic blues topped with a ringing slide guitar. With some tunes, you’ll get a slow bass-driven funk, and with others, Mike will rip through a bass riff like he’s casually floating over some Class 4 rapids. And always on the top layer, Mike’s lyrics have a distinctive clarity in their enunciation. However you roll with it, you will find yours”

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