Mike Stocksdale / Press

“Stocksdale is an artist whose vision has been expertly realized.”

“Mike Stocksdale's music is a masterful blend of memorable melodies and beautiful poetry. Well-crafted songs delicately grab your heart and never let go.”

Paula Munoz - Music Connection Magazine

“The first impressions of Mike Stocksdale, the man, and Mike Stocksdale's music are the same: honest and approachably straight forward with little adornment.”

Tom Fitt - Peninsula People

“Well crafted, delicate piece of music...memorable and moving.”

Lior Shamir - We Are Listening

“The combination of Stocksdale and Strand with careful instrumental framing works on ‘Chase You’ as if you are digging for gold...With ‘Chase You’, Mike Stocksdale has delivered the ultimate record, like the one all artists are waiting for.”

Johan Schoenmakers - altcountryforum.nl

“Stocksdale, along with his amplified acoustic friends, achieves an organic intimacy on these recordings, his warm, breathy voice the perfect lead instrument for his material...The production/arrangement choices are just right --uncluttered yet not underdone. A very solid artist. ”

New Music Review - Music Connection Magazine

“Whether singing alone or with a band, Stocksdale's tunes are perfect for television, movies, or radio, because they speak to what is in all of us. In a city where folksingers are in abundance, Stocksdale shows that it's really all about the craft. In this, he is outstanding.”

Paula Munoz - Music Connection Magazine