Mike Ring and the Connection / Press

"The album contains five tracks of upbeat, heel-kicking pop rock." "Ring's high vocal range drives the sound and directs the instrumentation."

Tim Wenger - Colorado Music Buzz

"The mans radiates passion, and that passion feeds directly into the music of the Connection." "Ring's music is diverse and sprawling, and not short on intensity"

“Mike Ring and the Connection has a sound that evokes many notable bands in the genre (like River City Extension and Imagine Dragons,) but the unique tone of Ring’s voice paired with The Connection’s dynamic instrumentation set the group apart from the rest. Songs like “Waking Up” (which will be featured on their upcoming EP) feature stellar vocals and explosive music that’ll leave the song stuck in your head for days. It’s the kind of sound Ring surrounds himself with.”

“Locally, we were impressed by singer/songwriter outfit Mike Ring and The Connection. Mike plays ecstatic sets around the front range, with or without the help of other musicians, and rocks “a mix of Folk based guitar work and a electric overtone. With a big percussion sound.” Look for Mike Ring and the Connection to come out with new music shortly, they are currently recording at KMG Studios.”