Mike Prigodich / Press

“Way cool! Great band too! You play great man.”

“Wonderful. Beautiful. Really great. Wow, Mike. Great writing, man.”

“This is band is top shelf; they were super tight and super exciting.”

“'Best of 2012' Playlist -- The Wizard of Odd by Mike Prigodich ('A Stitch In Time')”

"Prigodich speaks a musical language all his own, one born of a voice that elevates his instrument far beyond its realm into one where mystery and magic meet."

“Sounds killing, man! I love your music.”

"I knew this guy was up to something; what a great disc! Beautifully written and played with passion and intensity by an excellent band. This is one of those CDs that you want to hear again as soon as it's finished. Bravo Mike!"

"Watch out for this guy! Mike is terribly brave, adventurous, playful, and adept. As his compositions and playing demonstrate, Mr. Prigodich is a rising talent following his creative muse fearlessly to wherever it takes him."

"Mike offers melodic breadth with very defined piano craft. He is an astonishing musician and a brilliant composer. His original works are studies in precision. They are demanding and they require the very best of musicians to perform them. He has gathered the best of the best and the results are scintillating."

“A tour de force that would certainly get the respect of Prigodich’s muse Chick Corea. In the tradition of The Yellowjackets, The Brecker Brothers, Hiromi and others, the 11 tracks on A STITCH IN TIME cover a vast fusion landscape of complex proportions that’ll have you wondering how an artist like Mike Prigodich could ever consider sitting on the sidelines. The entire project is an incredibly satisfying ride.”

“The album’s intriguing melodies, odd time signatures, and ear-bending harmonies make it a stand-out album in the world of fusion.”

“What do Chick Corea and Spinal Tap have in common? That would be Portland keyboardist Mike Prigodich.”

“Prigodich is an excellent keyboardist, but it's his writing that really stands out. There is a liveliness and emotional connection to much of this music that makes it immediately endearing. His band is tight and funky, with an ability to groove that puts many better-known fusion outfits to shame.”

“Album: Mike Prigodich, ‘A Stitch In Time’ worth your time listening”

“Oregon Art Beat: Musician Mike Prigodich Cancer helped Mike Prigodich start one of the best things in his life, a new jazz career.”

"I definitely hear a Chick influence in your playing and writing. I'm flattered that you cite me as an influence."

"Very cool Mike !! Love the bridge and the keyboard solo. You can definitely play !!"

“Fantastic work by all! Great writing and playing. Well done! Great sounds too.”