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“Few albums that I review can be classified as pure blues, as they often have elements of rock or country in them, and in Mike Osborn’s case, his In The Dog House disc has a little bit of everything in it. After moving from Illinois to Woodland, California (near Sacramento) in his early teens, Mike took up the guitar and by the time he was 16 he was playing lead guitar in a country rock band; since then he has played a bit of everything: classic rock, blues, and metal. After taking a break from gigging to take care of his children, about ten years ago he got back into the business in a serious way. The result was his killer 2009 debut album, Fire & Fury, and now his follow-up, In the Dog House. Though Mike now lives in the San Francisco Bay area, this disc was recorded in Southern California with Grammy winner Alan Mirikitani doing the mixing, mastering, and taking on the producer role. Mirikitani also wrote seven of the tracks with his collaborator Dennis Walker; Osborn wrote three”

“3 and a half stars A second album under his belt, Mike Osborn encompasses an ability to link the blues past to the freshness of today in his individualized vocals and guitar work. Out front of a reliable, robust rhythm section, the Californian finds the emotional cores of lyrics and melodies in six prize Dennis Walker and Alan Mirikitani songs ( a seventh, ”Cheap Women”, is a throwaway) and in two he composed himself: “Love VS Ego” and “Veterans Song”.”

“MIKE OSBORN - Segment begins At the 2:06:05 Mark What a journey Mike has traveled to where he is today. He was playing professionally at 16 and making his mark and then gave it all up to raise his family, mainly ass a single father. He didn't even touch a guitar for about 10 years. Thought it was gone and good riddence. Then through fate, he was almost forced to pick up the guitar again and his career is as hot as it can be. Learn about the karma that allowed it all to happen again. We also listened to songs from his album In The Dog House.”

“ike Osborn is a no-nonsense blues guitarist and vocalist whose sound also travels in a country and rock direction upon occasion. Now he has returned with his latest album titled In The Dog House. He has a soulful voice that fits the blues well and is able to trade licks with the best blues guitarists. Producer Alan Mirikitani and his songwriting partner Dennis Walker composed 7 of the 11 tracks. It the three tracks that he wrote that are highlights. “Love vs Ego,” “In The Doghouse,” and “Veterans Song” all have a personal nature, which is at the heart of the blues, and each finds him invested. Hopefully an entire album of his compositions will follow sometime in the future. Mike Osborn is a blues musician who continues to evolve and In The Dog House is a nice stop in that journey. Rating: ***”

“From the opening notes of Love Vs. Ego, I somehow knew I was going to enjoy this CD. Mike Osborn is an artist I’ve never heard before, and not to be confused with the Michael Osborn who played and toured with John Lee Hooker in the 80’s. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, he is a capable guitarist with a deep soulful passion for his music and a voice that truly suits his style, plus, it’s all very danceable. His music is very Blues Rock based, but it possesses hints of numerous other genres. Not surprising really as he began by playing rockabilly, but then his musical journey took him through metal, religion and Blues prior to having a sabbatical in the 90’s, in order to bring up his children, returning to the Blues in 2006. Interestingly, the majority of songs here are written by his producer, Alan Mirikitani, with only three by Osborn himself. Opening with the aforementioned Love Vs. Ego, an Osborn original, this stomping mid tempo song, played with very sharp, clean gu”

“2009 saw the American GuitarSlinger Mike Osborn album "Fire & Fury" on the market. The debut was given the title of "a common description of his energetic live shows." This foundation has also the successor of "In The Dog House" and the disk name was chosen because it has recorded all the songs in the Dawghouse Studios, Burbank, California. This location is one of Alan Mirikitani aka BB Chung King , along with his band The Buddaheads receiving much interest. He has, however, played a single beat, but produced, mixed and mastered. In addition, he wrote with a fountain pen-pal Dennis Walker seven of the eleven songs on "In The Dog House".Mike Osborn and his "In The Dog House" -Belegschaft can not irrelevant blues rind crash. With speed and feeling one gets down to business and the front man is blessed with all kinds of stringed arts. The eleven numbers provide excellent entertainment and there are no gaps between the songwriting of a Alan Mirikitani / Dennis Walker or Mike Osborn”

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“This is blues with an edge, much like the blues/rock I grew up listening to in my youth. Osborn nails it, right out of the chute. He is an exceptional guitarist with a voice that is well suited to the music, whether is a growl or something a little more on the mellow side. A blend of blues, rock, country and a touch of soul set this one in that catch-all category they like to call Americana. For me, I'll just call it good music...and he does it well. Unlike a huge portion of blues rockers, he does not lose sight of his roots or throw the baby out with the bathwater. Osborn is a man who loves the life he leads, loves his music and creates a special bond with his audiences. He left the music for years in order to raise a family and when he felt able to return to the music did so with a passion and power that reaches straight through to the heart, touching the lives of everyone in his audience...and all I have to go on is the CD. My guess is that the passion that comes through th”

“JE GAGNE MIKE OSBORN/In the Dog House: A blues rocking white guitar slinger who stepped away from early success to raise his family comes roaring back to prove that you can really kick off your musical career in blues in your 40s with little loss for wear. Super charged choogling, Osborn is a classic in the classic mode that knows how to keep the house rocking all night long. Tasty stuff that goes the distance, this record is loaded with the kind of talented chops blues fans will recognize without even looking at the credits. Well done throughout. 2”

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"In the Dog House" is the second CD release by Mike Osborn, a hard charging San Francisco bay area blues/rock guitarist/singer/songwriter. Released in Nov 2014 to instant critical acclaim globally due to its powerful line up of great songs delivered by Mike's robust vocals and torrential guitar playing. The passion and fury delivered at his live performances is not lost in this studio recording.

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“Hi Mike, My name’s Tom Clarke and I write a column in Hittin’ The Note and contribute to Elmore and Blues Music Magazine (formerly Blues Revue). I was also with BluesPrint and the King Biscuit Times over these last 18 years I’ve been writing. And I’m a music fanatic since the Monkees as an early teen. It’s always tough to sift through the piles and find a winner among the so-many talented folks I get CD’s from, especially in the realm you work in. Your album In The Dog House stuck out today—I love when that happens!—and I’m writing about it right now for HTN. Great songs matter most, and you deliver. Singing voice second, and yours has that natural grit. Very tasty guitar? In spades. Thanks for a fine listening experience tonight. Tom Clarke Hittin’ The Note / Elmore / Blues Music Magazine 4 Madeline Ln East Greenbush, NY 12061”

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“Michael Osborn is on a unique musical road. After finding success at a young age, Mike put his family first and bowed out of the music scene for several years, only to return with a vengeance. With a busy touring schedule and a new CD scheduled for release later this year, Mike is proving that blues life can start at 40, and it can be very successful.”

“I have been pouring over the many things that have been written about Michael W. Osborn over the years. I am doing so to help find the element that isn't there. In other words, what is the crucial and unique quality in him that just hasn't been put into words yet? There's been a lot of praise, but something's missing. Something BIG! Well, I have found what that missing piece is. For all those people that know and love Mike and his work, it's far from missing, it's the basis of what it is. Somehow though, until now the essence of what makes Michael - Michael has not reached the written page. Here it is; Combined with his Masterful talent as a Blues/Rock Guitarist -Singer/Songwriter - plus, his Commanding stage presence, Michael Osborn has the rare and innate ability to connect with his audiences in a passionate and emotional way. To hear his music live, is to actually feel who he is.”

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“Mike is a unique blend of classic rock, blues and progressive country with a touch of funk and R&B thrown in with an occasional Celtic accent (oh, did I mention unique?). Always soulful, always danceable, always with a concert stage presence and audience interaction, the entire band delivers on multiple levels all at the same time. ”

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“Mike Osborn Fire & Fury Je Gagne Records This S. F. bay area artist debut release is a refreshingly unique blend of blues, rock, R&B and country. From its boot scootin’ boogie dance songs to its weepy ballads, this CD has plenty of diversity yet Mike’s passionate, masterful guitar playing ties it all together in a common thread. Fire & Fury was recorded at San Jose’s renowned Tiki Recording Studios and produced by J.C. Smith and includes Mike’s version of the song “Too Little Too Late” by Alan Mirikitani which helped R&B singer Ruth Brown win a Grammy in 1990. Re emerging on the music scene in early 2007 in the San Francisco bay area, Mike quickly established himself with his blazing guitar work and powerful vocals, coupled with his strong stage presence and mind blowing audience interaction. ”

“Dear Mr. Osborn, Just a note to let you know I previewed your CD today and was very impressed with it - so impressed that we will be featuring the CD next week on our show "Shout Brother Shout". I've selected tracks 1,2,7, and 8 to feature. Guitar work is excellent and your voice goes well beyond what many blues guitarists have. I'm very impressed. Keep up the great work. Rob Markham Tuesdays 5:00-9:00 P.M. EST on WXCI 91.7 Danbury CTStreaming Live! Go to www.wxci.org and click the link! Contact: During show hours 203-837-9924 Brian Mulvihill/Rob MarkhamShout! Brother! Shout!WXCI, Western CT State University181 White StreetDanbury CT 06810 ”