Mike Montrey Band / Press

“John Street is one of those discs that really doesn’t have a dud on it. The bridges are powerful, and the choruses click like magic. Montrey’s lyrical presentation is a work of pure class. Montrey really understands the art of the chorus, and his team up with Augustine is dead on, and works like no one else out there today.”

“If you’re looking for music that fights for its individual living, breathing place in this realm, you owe it to yourself to listen to Song By Song By Song.”

“Song by Song by Song is, in short, music to get you high. You won’t need a damn thing besides the disc itself, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be grinning and saying “Man, but that was a good time! Play it again! I reallllllly needed that!”

“The three voices swirl over, under and sideways of each other. The effect is galvanizing. Add keyboards, drums and sax and you’ve got a stunning brew that gets more and more intoxicating with each listen.”

“The album is full of stunning instances. It’s during these skillfully crafted moments that a song is able to evoke feelings of nostalgia”

Heather Simon - Relix Magazine

"Weaving the Basket rocks. It is spontaneous and dynamic. The songs are true works of art, gems in the rough that have been presented to the listener for their own interpretation and value"

"One of the music scene's most commanding frontmen and inventive guitarists"

"The audience sat mesmerized by the explosive energy of the music and the enthusiasm and passion of the band members. Montrey's music refuses to be stylistically categorized...a combination that left the audience wanting more."