Mike Mitchell / Press

“When you start to dig through the many genres of music that are out there the singer/songwriter genre always seems to be one of the more exciting to me. The songwriter aspects of the genre see the artists taking risks that most mainstream artists would not causing the songs to take on a more Americana based feel.This is the case with "North Carolina"by Mike Mitchell. His songs walk alongside many genre borders. He thrusts you into the album with "One More Time," which leans heavy on the more traditional side of country.When he shifts gears a bit it allows his vocals and lyrics to really come to the front of the song as he shows on cuts like "After The Damage Is Done," which adds elements of folk and rock-n-roll. Though this is very left of the mainstream dial "North Carolina" is an ambitious project that puts his best qualities to the forefront at all of the perfect moments ”

Jeff Curtis - Gone Counrty