Mike Leslie Band / Press

“Mike McDonnell, Mike Parrott and Bryan Reilly make up the band. The local boys have created an effortlessly cool band whose sound harkens back to when songwriters were blunt and emotions were raw. Think Elliott Smith with B.B. King on guitars.”

“the band manages to expand on their sound, looking carefully back into the past. If you’re unfamiliar with the band and love rock n’ roll and pop sounds, then I highly recommend this refreshing Ep. MLB have completed a very self-assured and mature album, not one that kicks you in the balls but rather thoughtful and polished. The sound quality is stunningly clear and natural sounding, while the playing is assured and the chemistry between the trio fires on all cylinders throughout. A solid Ep from beginning to end, go out and pick this one up, you won’t regret it!!”

“ “Rock in its truest sense, those who blindly call themselves fans of anything that graces the radio as such will truly delight in this record, as its musicianship is spot on and it’s lyrics are ubiquitously felt.”

“The vocal hooks are catchy, poignant & well crafted while the guitar lines are straightforward and precise- a refreshing sound in an era of brash and overly energized rock bands. For their genre and market, Mike Leslie and his crew are onto something very good at the moment”

“The production on this album was solid throughout. My album highlight was “Notice” due to the brilliant Crybaby Wah guitar line that was featured prominently. I wish Mike Leslie Band the best of luck in their musical career”

“The production values seem well beyond a band that has been around for half a year and I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t do the research myself. Mike Leslie Band is definitely one to keep an eye on.”

““While the Mike Leslie Band offers the sweaty sonic signature of Downtown Detroit rock troubadours, make no mistake: Their gritty, grimy palette is also polished to perfection, with sing-along hooks to beat the band. Single “Notice” smacks of a radio smash, with a flypaper chorus, alongside pristine vocals and masterful guitars from lead Leslie.”

Chuck Taylor - Billboard Magazine