Mike Johnson / Press

“Mike Johnson is a gifted artist who's music transcends all genres. His music is ecclectic and provides feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally. It helps me to be more relaxed and grounded spiritually. I can also relate to his lyrical pieces which speak to life experiences. His command of the guitar is astounding!!!”

“Some people may categorize his music as smooth jazz or soul, but Mike doesn’t want to put a limit to the unlimited span of his music creativity. With influences ranging from Quincy Jones, Carlos Santana, George Benson and Herbie Hancock, Alternative Jazz would be the best label for his imaginative style. With tracks like “UGH”, you can hear the Rock ‘n’ Roll, Carlos Santana-esque guitar play flavor. Songs such as “Recently”, “Promises”, and “Smack Dab”, you can hear various other influences that can take you away to a new place for reflection and inspiration.”