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“Mike Huntingford and J.W. Carter have won 1st Place in MTV's OurStage Jazz Competition with their entry "Wake Up!!" Congrats Gentlemen”


“Re: "I'm Wishing for Daisies" Your description of this tune reminds me of something my old chiormaster told me when I was a teen and first became interested in writing songs and went to him for lessons because he was a GENIUS at piano/pipe organ and theory and such ... he said 'Scott, I can't teach you, you already know this stuff but you don't know you know it' feel me? ... Mike, you know this stuff but you don't know you know it, lessons would probably ruin your gift ... this is beautiful to me my friend”

“Re: Gentle Way This is one strikingly beautiful piece, like you sprinkled rose petals all over it...very moving, loved the subtle motions between guitar and keys...the mix shines too...craftsmanship at its finest here...10 stars...peace”

“I never tire of listening to your music. It transcends the norm. It is never in need of words, as you make the music say it all. Beautiful.”

“Wow Mike,"Slow Melt" is one of if not your absolute finest jazz guitar ballads. It's so rich with the various keyboards and the guitar playing with wild yet accurate and emotionally charged abandon. This one took my breath away Mike.”

“The impeccable whirlwind of talent revealed within Mike Huntingford's music, is an example of a creative musical mastermind behind the heartfelt melodies portraying the very soul of his musical intuition.”

“Beautiful atmospheric piece. Jazzy, lustrously melodic and so so smooth. Great guitar playing and magical synths along with a killer sax. I like the way you take your time with this piece savoring every moment, not rushing its beauty. This is such a very accomplished piece. Re: Blues Bender”

“BREAKING NEWS -- Mike Huntingford (mhuntingford) takes 2nd place in the T.I.M.E.S. MakeTunes.com RnB Online Contest. His entry Funky Jelly Roll http://www.maketunes.com/audio/mike-huntingford-funky-jelly-roll”

“I just close my eyes and get lost in your music, your work is incredible, youre a true artist!!!”

“Yummy and delicious that was! Top name for it too...Love, Ingrid ..re: Kool Porridge with Milk”

“Wow very smooth and sexy... I'm gonna make love to this song lol. I think the jazz organ was a great idea, nice guitar work too man, was that all improvised? I'm so downloading this song dude i can't stop listenin to it! 10/10 i really like this song.”

"bro dope track man, nice and chill" ...re:Kool Porridge With Milk

“...this is a nice song - it sounds like some real love was put into it. Real nice melody and chord progression there. Sounds great too - well arranged and mastered. Going on the ipod for those reflective occasions.”

“I can tell you put an awful lot of creative thought and a lot of heart into this piece. Strangely I got a little choked up too thinking what a perfectly polished gem of a song I was listening to. You've grown and you're growing Mike musically becoming better and better and better.”

“Re: My Path To Heaven. This is beautifully crafted: the acoustic guitar just extraordinary and the strings, natural sounding and lush. This piece shows a level of polish and sophistication that you have every reason to be proud of, Mike. I'M proud of you.KUDOS!!!!”

“Re: "I am Back". Nice song man!!! great laid back feel with some great guitar work!! really enjoyed it! ”

“Ahhhh! I missed your music and your particular brand of cool jazzy blues. Has a fresh positive clear sound, all instruments are well-balanced, chord progression quite beautiful. You have a real cool, polished sound.”

“Re: Tribute to Kurt Husted. This is the very best of all your recordings to date I feel compasion and true feelings in this piece!”

Bonnie Lee MacDonald - Facebook.com

“Your music is like an oasis to me. When I'm down...I listen to Mike Huntingford. It's just lovely. Guitar was so smooth and soothing, the percussion, the bass.”

“Mike, I am listening to your newly posted "The Healing (Revised) and find it beautiful! Keep up the awesome work my friend! Michael ”

“Straight from the heart. A lovely, beautiful tune. A wonderful tribute. I know Kurt would have approved and loved it. Exquisite understated and mournful horn work. This is your most beautiful piece. Too bad it had to come at such a price”

“What a beautiful, beautiful song!!! wow! i feel your inspiration. so sorry to hear about your teamate. Life is so very precious and this beautiful song moves me to reflect on that. my sympathy goes out to Kurt's family.”

"Sinth Synth Sinful Song"; Such a clean sound. I like you interweave the different synths into a seamless whole. Great sinfully lovely song!

Vandegrasse - Audio-Share.com

“I must say what you have done here is brilliant! It has so much soul to it. The instruments are very nice, the bass fits in well with the chords and the drum beat is nice and relaxed. Great stuff, keep it up.”

Stolen_Jewelz - Audio-Share.com

"MELLOW MAGIC" The craftsmanship shows. Love the flute work and always the drums. The instruments interplay beautifully. It's hard to believe you haven't had any keyboard training. Sounds thoroughly professional. It's music like this that makes life joyful!

Vandegrasse - Audio-Share.com

“Rich acoustic piano sound, nice electronic accompaniment. You have a definite style, relaxing, enchanting. Very straightforward, unpretentious, quite enjoyable. You've got talent!”

Vandegrasse - Audio-Share.com

“nice, serene, contemplative mood. great for when i do taichi!”

Poiwoi - Audio-Share.com

"I think you have an extraordinarily polished sound"...."You are talented and versatile"...

Vandegrasse - Audio-Share.com

“Cool Daddio. I like Mist In The Streets and Jive Boogie ..very satismamlishfying.”

Big House Joe - ReverbNation.com

“Just lovely chilled grooves there, Mike. Keep up the good work. ”

Graham Blanche - ReverbNation.com

“Mike is a featured artist on AudioShare (http://www.audio-share.com/home)”