The Jerusalem Blues Band / Press

"Mike G. Murphy’s Man of Misplaced Destiny is your one-stop shopping destination if you grew up listening to classic rock but have no idea which section of the store it is anymore. Murphy’s a journeyman with one ear to rock’s hallowed past, whether it’s the freedom rock of the anti-war "100 Years or More" or power ballads like the regal "Alone with You" that flexes its muscle without predictable key changes and bland orchestration—Murphy even whistles in perfect pitch, something no one’s been able to do since whoever puckered up on Billy Joel’s “The Stranger.” Plus you have the novelty hit “Double Dip” that proves ice cream can if not add years to your life, adds life to your years. So will this CD. Give it a listen—your smile will be happy you did." -Serene Dominic Music Critic USA