Mike Gibbons / Press

"After sitting through this entire LP, I can honestly say I haven’t met a Gibbons tune I didn’t like, all of them what you’d hear from a more straightforward and less depressing Band of Horses."

“Sometimes the lyrical content of an album resonates so deeply that it remains on replay for the next three months. Mike Gibbons has accomplished creating such an album with Marigolds: The Bangkok Sessions, a beautiful collection that combines poetic storytelling with a mellow rock sound.”

““The music on this cd is heartfelt. The vibe for each song is strong both because of Mike’s vocals and the way the guitar was recorded/played…this is a dynamic record that’s main focus is sound and emotion. "Peel Me Out" is my personal favorite””

“He's got the perspective, and he's got the taste for risk and adventure.”

Mike Krolak - The Owl Mag

“His music is as earnest and moving as it is competent and mainstream-ready.”

East Bay Express

“Recorded in Bangkok, Marigolds offers baroque folk-pop from a heart-on-his-sleeve Bay Area troubadour who recalls Cat Stevens.”

“Gibbons blends a songwriter’s soul with a rocker’s heart...a declarative voice tempered with gentleness.”

The Amplifier

“All in all, there is some solid writing and graces with great influences in his writing.”

Awaken Music Publication