Mike Falzone / Press

“Mike Falzone is super talented! I listen to his CD all the time and play Famous during my live shows and everyone loves it! I feel lucky to have discovered him early!”

Michael Buckley - The "WHATTHEBUCK" Show on YouTube

“Mike's lyrics are the reason why funny guys can get hot girls.”

(Grammy Award Winning Producer, Joss Stone, The Jonas Brothers) - Mike Mangini

"Great writing and funky style. I love it!"

"Falzone is a good songwriter with a lot of potential"

Performer Magazine

"Recording Quality/Production: 4 Lead Vocals: 4.5 Musicianship: 4.5 Lyric Writing: 4.5 Music Composing: 4.5 Melodies: 5 Song Arrangement: 4 to 4.5 When someone sees 4, 4.5 or 5 as their score in a category, that tells them, to me, they are in the professional league"

".. it is now extremely rare to see an act that not only comes off unique and impressive, but one that also manages to live on even after the college years end. Fairfield University is fortunate enough to have had both of these things all in one act."

the Fairfield Mirror

"His radio-friendly sound has enough quirks and intriguing arrangements that both John Mayer's legions and cultish Candy Butchers cronies can listen without qualms"

Christopher Arnott - New Haven Advocate

"His new album "Fun With Honesty" is amazing."

Joe Kelly - The upper Room with Joe Kelly

"On Falzone's, release Fun With Honesty he uses his witty lyrics and a soulful voice to become something a little funkier than the average singer/songwriter."

Beyond Race Magazine

"Touting raspy vocals and and a funk-based sound, Mike Falzone will be a household name in five years"

Travis Helwig - The Rushmore Files Blog