The Problems / Press

“Saint Louis Musicians Music Blog.”

“Borgia has been a leading light of the Kansas City music scene and with his latest CD appears ready to take his playing and song writing talent to a national audience.”

“Brooklyn NY music culture blog features the new video-Saved Another and details its objective.”

“Reviewing the music of Mike Borgia was an absolute treat! He gives a sound that is unique and trendy at the same time. The soulful flow is a mixture of folk blues and alternative and it is a beautiful combination! 4 out of 5 stars!!”

“Amplify KC Podcast: features Mike Borgia & The Problems "Bricks"”

“Music site Four5six interviews Mike Borgia.”

“The singer’s latest EP Live or Die, You Won’t Be Lonely is, to say it bluntly, both original and unsurprising.”

“Borgia keeps his songs concise, without the unnecessary repetition, which often leaves me uninspired by singer songwriter types. Particularly fresh sounding...”

“Mike Borgia writes some excellent folk rock, and his latest work really grabbed my attention...”

“A very fresh track, that pulls notions of strong ambitions that are being lost in a dream and weighed down by constant obstacles. ”

“The hot deluxe single Nerves- Featured in daily downloads on Absolutepunk.net”

“In the perpetually crowded group of acoustic singer/songwriters, Borgia manages to stand out with a great work that’s as unique and accessible as possible.”

“Timeless & truly gifted! Amazing live performer...”

“An in depth interview and an interesting story.”

“Reverbnation.com uses a quote from Mike Borgia.”

“His music really did warrant a close listen, and he had elements of an edgier Dallas Green, and his vocals, arrangements, guitar and honesty reminded me of Paul Kelly, a favourite of mine.”

“Werdplay- The King of Collaborations.”

“Known for his intense stage presence.”

“revealing interview w/ Mike Borgia”

“Mike Borgia "Philistines & Alcoholics" Album Review”

“I rated the new Mike Borgia album 5 stars and gave it 94%. Read they hype.”

“An amicable and widely loved sound that can encompass almost anything that falls under the heading of good rock music.”

“Mike Borgia brings focus, insight, and passion to his art. We all benefit from his ability to translate his insight through music.”

“Music fans speak out!”

“Mike lays down heartfelt songs and they sound like a comforting combination of Evan Dando and Grant Lee Phillips. ”