Mike Birch / Press

“On his 4th solo venture, Methuen-based Mr. Birch’s thin but not unpleasant voice leads us through a series of story songs of variegated styles and hues. “Gypsy Wind” is squarely in the folk camp; “Look Down the Road” is reminiscent of Warren Zevon; “Mr. Limo Driver” has a distinct Neil Young vibe; “Thirty Miles to Richmond” is a gentle song in a country rock mode; “The Good From the Bad,” about a women who puts up with abuse in a small town setting, has a naggingly catchy riff. And “Chasing the Sunlight” is the best of show: a soulful, breezy number which is strongly evocative.”

“Think you're about to be lullaby'd into a hypnotic state of tranquilized fairy-folk bliss? well, don't let the first minute or so fool ya cuz this mother gets into your face from the word GO and rarely, if ever, lets up. If the 1st track doesn't blow you away (joke there), then most likely you've been trapped in a bomb shelter most of your life and probably need to surface for a breath of 'fresh' air, much of which abounds here! grant it, even mike would probably admit he's not the greatest singer or vocalist. but what this disc lacks in vocal ability is more than made up for in lyrical story-telling, inspired, motivated song craftsmanship, and a wide variety of both rocking' and melodic hooks and riffs, fueled by the man's elegant command of instrument(s), musical harmony, and visionary artistic ability... in spades! so please be a Smart Angel, check it out, and then... be prepared to kiss your ASS goodbye!”

Tom e. - Amazon.com review

“Some music connects you to event in the past either through the notes or the words. Mike Birch has his finger on shared experience of past relationships, the clock that moves us along and all with great riffs and rhythms woven in to make the trip fun. Like much of Todd Rundgren's early work, Mike performs the instruments and multiple layers of voice, creating a smooth and rich sound without clutter; you wonder how this can be done without studio equipment. Some cuts take you back to the late 60's while others reflect more 90's progressions but none are rip-off of other artist; Mike has his own styles and seem comfortable moving between them. It's a fun trip through the years and I'd highly recommend it for both the music and the journey.”

L. Piastrelli - Amazon.com review

“This Boston-bred, Montreal educated folkrock songsmith captures the essence of many fleeting memories of his generation in his lyrics and music. What is most amazing about Mike Birch is his adaptation of guitar styles to suit his lyrics and emotions. The overall effect is HAPPY. The lasting effect is you'll find yourself humming his melodies days later when walking in the woods, etc. If you appreciate independent music-making at its finest, most honest level, then this 40 year retrospective will more than satisfy you. It is rare that one's music takes you to the place where you feel you really know the songwriter. Mike's accessible and eminently entertaining music accomplishes this and more.”

R O'Brien - Amazon.com review