Mike Andreassi / Press

“Mind-blowing technique; your musicianship speaks like a master. The arrangement are epic, and your guitar playing only emphasizes their raw power. Thank you for sharing and keep strummin' the good tune!”


“this is really awesome. Steve Vai playing swing jazz with some Allen Holdsworth in there. Really cool sounding stu...”


“Mike Henry: Mike Andreassi delivers up an equal amount of peer envy and plain 'ol great listener appeal! This music proves that the Age of Fusion never left. It just reincarnated. Wow!!! Apr 17 ”


“Hey Mike, Much respect for the playing - not often I hear a jazzer with technique who can also hold it back for the blues , like you do in your vids. Loving it! Paul Dec 10 ”

Reverb Nation

“: normal people has 5 fingers each hand... just for curiosity sake... how many do you have...??? ....really, I need to know...:) ...AWESOME GUITAR PLAYING...!!! Feb 06 Giscard Nazon: You make your guitar sound like a gentle water stream. Absolutely amazing! :) Feb 05 ”


“BunChakeze and Odin of London: Wow wow wow! I have no idea how you do that. Brilliant!”


“Lightning Fast & Articulate! Awesome! Dec 04 ”


“Superb guitar playing. Ron Dec 08 ”


“The Michael Addition: Very creative use of dynamics and tone! Great fusion of sounds! Nov 21”

The Michael Addition