Mika Newton / Press

“Mika Newton delivers the most beautiful pop ballad ever written. You can’t help shedding some tears as you listen to Magnets. This piece of music makes you literally shiver because of its power as well as the impact of the song upon you. Magnificent words backed up by a romantic melody, dreamy and sweet. and admire this voice… It would be hard to resist the terrific appeal of this song. It is also without a doubt because everybody believes (even if they do not want to admit),somewhere, in true love.”

“Mika threw me off initially when I heard her speak - the accent was British with slight undertones of another language. She is undergoing a crash course on how to be an international celebrity, and she learns quickly. Direct, intelligent, with an almost otherworldly beauty, she has settled into a life that sends her back and forth from the USA to Ukraine and to points in between.”

“Whose day wouldn't benefit from some new music? If you're like us, you're always on the hunt for new music, especially of the undeniable pop variety. Enter Mika Newton. Randy Jackson recently announced his retirement from American Idol so he can focus on other ventures, and the first of those? Working with singer Mika Newton, whose popularity reaches Bieber levels in her native Ukraine. Obviously, Randy knows music, so we're excited to see this first new video from his protege. Watch now!”