Mijo 1810 / Press

“And your welcomed. Just pay it forward when you get older and you are making some SICK ass tracks. Some kid will ask for your help. Make sure to give him some advice.”

“You are a very inspiring artist, and im glad to see more artists making real music. Shoot me another link pal.”

Hopsin - Artist

“we need more rappers who TRULY dont give a fuck! we have to many who caim they dont, but KEEP IT UP MIJO!”

B.G. - Bright GREEN

“You have very powerful messages in your songs. Don't let anyone deter you from writing your true thoughts and feelings about any subject matter.”

“well fa sure. keep doing yo thing tho, yungsta! dat flow tight from a kid. lol”

Parliament - Artist

“Respect ya grind. That's wuts up”

Deeper Entertainment: - Label

“wow !! What a natural born talent you are sweetie :) Very impressed with your compositions and your delivery :) All the best from Australia young man and keep following your dreams..You'll make it for sure :) Jen xo”

She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix - Artist

“Dam son, Gotta Blow is straight bananas son! The song is tight!You got talent bruh!”

Jahbez - Artist

“sweet freestyles bro..hope you go far.. safe”

Daedrix: - Artist

"U" Got Flow...Stay on Ya Grind Young Homie...And Keep Pushin... www.facebook.com/joksta and join my Fam... JOKSTA

Joksta - Joksta

“Am loving your works. I love your lyrics and music. take care xxxx Natasha”

Natasha Niebieska - Natasha

“Im in love with your Style. Real Cold. Wow. Much love:)”

Divine Charle'nee: - artist



“maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.... YOUR GONNA bLOW uP, (bLOW uP... bLOW up.... ) lol”

Courtnez - unknown

"your stories and the way you dont cuss make you a great rapper man, Keep spttin 4 reel.

Astronomical Kid - Astrotheboss

"yh know Mijo, Your lyrics are gret, They are radio quality, and amazing... but your quality itself is so bad.. if you upgrade, your one of the bes!!!

K-Dice - Jamglue Artist