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“Talent in Motion Magazine Vol. IX Article writes: Michael Paul: Music Meant for Healing, by Isaac Fergusson. " When you turn on the news, all you hear is war rumors of war, death and mass destruction," says Michael Paul, his eyes wide with palpable consternation. " The world is going through a period of severe dysfunction; we urgently need to use music as a tool for healing and as a voice for peace and reconciliation" In the post-Marley era where conscious music is receving short shrift, the ultra violence of gangsta hip-hop and the vulgarity of reggae dance hall has seized the momentum, the top of the charts and the big money compensation. Paul, a serious musician who has dedicated his life to creating spiritually uplifting music, has been at it long enough to be described as a true exponent of the music of mental emancipation, and to be deserving of praise for his efforts..." Visit Miguel Paul and Itopia the Band's Bio for the Complete Article. ”

Issac Fergusson - Michael Paul: Music Meant for Healing

"Put It Out There", the latest single release by "artiste extraordinnaire" Michael Paul and his band Itopia puts it "out there" in no uncertain terms. In a musical atmosphere where the term "explicit" has been used to denote lyrical content of an offensive nature, Michael's simple, sincere message is both explicit (straightforward) and implicit (inferred). 'Cause if you put it out there, you better beware If you put it out there, you better be aware. Those aren't just subtle lyrical nuances, but an admonition about the very real cause/effect ramifications of our behavior and actions. All too often these days it seems as if public figures in politics,religion, music, sports, entertainment, business and the media, have neither a conscience about what they do nor a consciousness about what effect it will ultimately have. So by all means, enjoy the infectious rhythm of this song, dance 'til you drop, but heed the heartfelt warning and remember:

Wayne Mesker - Put It Out There

“Billboard Singles Rewiews...New & Noteworthy MICHAEL PAUL---Reggae Music (5:00) producers: Bob Crenshaw, Michael Paul; writer: Michael Paul; Publisher: Bob Con Bob, ASCAP; Revolver JBF 1933 (12-inch single). Between the r&b-funk baseline and the reggae backbeat, Paul's rhythms go right to the motor-nerve center; nice breathless vocal too. New Releases: Sneak Previews Bobbi-Bob Productions, which was formed by veteran session musician Bob Crenshaw has release their first EP titled "Reggae Music". The material was written and performed by Michael Paul who is noted for such hits as "Be Thankful for What You Got." The EP is on Revolver Records JBF 1933 and is distributed through important in New York. ”

Billboard Singles Rewiews...New & Noteworthy

“Michael Paul of the Itopia Band Offers Lessons on Life and Love to Atlanta Through Their Music - therealatlanta.com Nikki D. Bosompem. Sitting down at Goatfinger Recording Studios in Decatur to talk with lead vocalist Michael Paul, of The Itopia Band proved to be an engaging experience. With a calm, lilting, voice, and deeply introspective demeanor, Mr. Paul introduced me to the elements that make his band unique...”

“Artists come in many shapes, forms and fashions. Yet, as painters, wordsmiths, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers and musicians, the connective tissue is the passion fueling their creative drive and discipline in taking a concept to a completed work. In the spotlight this week is a local reggae band that exudes such passion. Miguel Paul and Itopia have played at Kybele Restaurant for the past couple of Saturdays. Kybele is perhaps more known for its Turkish entrées than for its bar and stage, but it plays host to this motley-constructed band of reggae-style musicians. "I fuse it (the music) with the identity of the most simplistic elements of life, giving people a voyage to help ease the pain of their everyday life experiences," Paul says of his work.”