The Mighty Soul Drivers / Press

“What makes musicians Qualified! to play blues and soul? On one level, all that’s required is basic desire: Pick up a guitar and/or some horns and let the ‘mojo’ work. That’s a great starting point, but for a fantastic finish, polish and experience performing count for a lot. That’s what southern New England’s Bob Orsi and his Mighty Soul Drivers know well, even on their debut album. They tackle fourteen soul-infused selections with the force of a football juggernaut. Overall, they nail the sounds of classic Soul: a bouncy brass section, light-hearted lyrics, and harmonious vocals. With a dash of funk and a lot of flair, The Mighty Soul Drivers are more than Qualified! in their genre of choice.”

“They obviously are experienced and they have one ambition: to keep the flame of Southern Soul burning in New England. Put together by drummer River City Slim, led by singer Bob Orsi, they lean on a repertoire of well-chosen covers, avoiding comparisons with songs their creators left too deep a mark on. Certainly an impressive band...”

“1)Tight, professional looking, REFRESHING! Great stage presence and energy. 2) AMEN to the vocals!! Good golly what a groove! Great Bass! Makes me want to dance! 3)Nice bass groove, good harmony great vocals, tight. 4)Great stage presence, good vocals all singing back up is great. 5)'Take Time To Know Her' was amazing! Great showmanship, talented instrumentalists, good volume (not too loud). 6)Slow emotional soul, gorgeous covers. 7)Good vocals (lead) and great backup vocals too. Good fun band all around. 8)Time for church! Love it!! 9)Soul ole school like I wanna hear it. Bob O sounds great band is tight. Great job, good show. 10)Sharp dressed men! AWESOME! GREAT VOCALS!! 11)You got the look! Very danceable. Good groove from the start. Great vocals and harmonies. The crowd loved this versatile set. Tight instrumentals. You owned the covers. 12) This band is dressed for success!! I like that singers movin' & shakin'. GREAT STAGE PRESENCE! Great to see the dance floor full. Great set!”

2012 CT Blues Challenge Finals Judges' Comments

“A new band, made up of experienced professionals, who came to the competition with the bar set high -- and lived up to the advance expectations. Bob Orsi, known for his harp work with the D. Smith Band, put his harmonica aside and treated us to an intense performance of Soul Blues. Bob's vocal was especially emotional on Percy Sledge's 'Take Time To Know Her'. They led off with 'Good Time Charlie' and filled the dance floor. River City Slim (drums) and Andy Karlok (bass) were integral to the band. The guitar work provided by Orsi and Larry Willey were "spot on". Eric Bertone was excellent on keyboards. They all contributed to the vocals. Quite a performance.”

Ed Stack, President, CT Blues Society - CTBS