David F / Press

“Wow! What a revelation. I was blown away by your playing. 'Windsurfing' is just beautiful. An absolute pleasure to be a fan!”

Barbara Hills - Reverbnation

“‘Dreaming Your Lives Away’, a song for today and quite captivating!”

Soul Narrative - Reverbnation

“Some killer shredding there...”

STTAF - Reverbnation

“What awesome songs. Love your guitar playing. Killer stuff. This is some of the best stuff I've heard in a long long time.”

Tom Mannion - Reverbnation

“Great rocking passion!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“you rock mr. Ferg.. cool tracks.. 'windsurfing' is so soulful.”

LunariaN - Reverbnation

“just became a huge fan. outstanding”

Rick Marche - Reverbnation

“Really cool music that has something to say!”

Crystal Perry - ReverbNation

“Really cool tracks, brilliant guitar sound. "Promises" is a joyful song, very well done.”

Luciano Martella - IMRadio