The Might Could / Press

“Yes, Alabama Thunderpussy is dead, but you can still find plenty of angry, sauced Southern metal out there. Making the hunt that much easier, though, is former ATP guitarist Erik Larson, who heads a new group of rabble rousing good ol’ boys in The Might Could, proudly shoving the source right in your face like a freshly caught possum. As you’d expect, the majority of The Might Could carries with it the bourbon-fueled, junkyard clamor of chainsaw fights and shotgun blasts, but it also mixes in gracious nods to Skynyrd’s blue sky balladry (“When the Spirits Take Control”) and Pantera’s thug metal riffola (“I Don’t Even Like Pantera Anymore”), blues-infused steel n’ slide (“Let ‘Em Up Easy”), doom-laden mood mending (“The Widower” and “The Fall”), and electric, punk-fried action (“Mad Dog Blues”). A black and green tempest of heavy energy, this Might Could. ”