Mieka Pauley / Press

"...Pauley, who has recently been Twitter-friended by Rivers Cuomo-dueting Rainn Wilson and championed by Cosmopolitan magazine of all things, forms a kind of bluesy-folk rock and roll that doesn't pander to any easy clichés or dialogue, as that sort of music so often does."

“Mieka Pauley has gone on to win the first-ever Starbucks Emerging Artist Award, be named “Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Female Rockstar of the Year” in the publication’s StarLaunch competition, and finish in the top three at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s Troubadour Competition.”

“About 20 of the 1800 bands who played SXSW this weekend were from Boston. Pauley writes, "We felt right at home cranking our distortion and ambient noise pedals. We took no prisoners in our attempt to melt the faces of each audience member, individually."”

"Mieka calls her music 'soulful alt-pop/indie-rock.' We just call it good shit. Think (a grittier) Sarah McLachlan meets (a well-adjusted) Bjork. Plus brilliant lyrics..."

"Invitations to prestigious music festivals and songwriting awards have piled up over the past six years."

"This Boston native is a cerebral singer/songwriter with a rock edge who deals with the complexities of maintaining relationships, the challenge of rising to the moment and the importance of learning from the past."

"If you’re still walking around Boston not knowing who Mieka Pauley is, we really need to do something about that. Her latest takes all the smoldering soul of her voice and soups it up with more straight-up rock gusto than her largely acoustic past had prepped us for."

“ "Boston-based Mieka Pauley works half-whispered, lyrical magic on Elijah Drop Your Gun.... well worth the wait."”

Performing Songwriter

"Perched on a stool, wearing cowboy boots and grey jeans, Mieka Pauley quickly established a rapport with the audience, breaking down most of the walls that constitute a 'performance.'"

“ "Singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley, a Boston native, has a very listenable and soothing voice ... you will hit rewind."”

“ "We believe that Mieka is a major talent and will break thru to the mainstream sooner than later. To that end, we very much want to be a part of this development."”

David Ginsburg, Music Director - WBOS 92.9FM Boston

"Pauley sidestepped our well-honed singersongwriter prejudices with playful lyrics, cute stage banter (references to bra size and St. Louis barcade games), and an unashamedly bitchin cover of Sting’s 'Fields of Gold'... The laughing crowd from the next room slowly trickled in and were converted."