Midwest State of Mind / Press

“MWSM’s music is the bridge between what we are capable of and what we don’t even know we are capable of. They’ve spent a few years building that bridge, and then driving giant machines across its deck – ramming monstrous, creaking, rusted tankers into its columns. They have stretched its cables and swung wrecking balls into its towers. All this so that we could step back and marvel at the perfect parabola of its arch, bathed in smoke and fire and dust. Still standing so that we can all dart across and see what’s on the other side. Few bands have taken the chances MWSM have taken. The quality and musicianship of their debut album (released earlier this year) raised an increasingly out-of-reach bar even higher.”

"I've just had the pleasure of listening to the new Self Titled Midwest State of Mind record. This is one wicked record, a massive, funky clarion call to the masses. It paints the city in loud, brash brushstrokes of thoughtful bluster. This isn't the distant shout of some pissed off local dudes. This is an in-your-face-grab-you-by-the collar-of-your-hipster-t-shirt ROAR from one of our most beloved and misunderstood bands. Think they don't know how you feel about 'em? Listen to this album…g'head…listen to it. "

MP Cavilier - Do It Indy Radio

"I like what i hear. Sounds like a really good melody, especially to "one day." I know I would like to see one of your shows."

"This band’s comfortable stage presence allows them to engage a broad audience. They have an easy sound which engages all."

“I am impressed how polished they sound; they have only been playing together for a year. "Why the bit of surprise? This Greenwood, IN bunch is young; which I know is common in the local music scene. What has been interesting about getting to know this band is how dedicated they are to getting themselves out there..." "The moral of the story? These guys are serious about what they are doing."”

"Midwest State of Mind. A local Greenwood act, this four-piece seems to be catching on. They list themselves as blues/rock genre, but their sound submits so much more to what they can do with a live show."