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“@MidwestSelects should be at the #VMAs! They could win!”

Kelsey Boyd - Twitter Post

“#Brr it's cold in here.. The @MidwestSelects must be in the atmosphere.”

Courtney DeChaine - Tweet

“I just went onto the Midwest Selects website, the facebook group, and itunes page and listened to all of the songs from The "G" Files. In short I am astounded and addicted. You guys completely opened up a new genre for me that I've never really gotten into or ever thought I would. I'm downloading the album as we speak and I hope atleast some of the revenue goes into your pockets so you guys can keep making your music. I'll keep spreading the word for Midwest Selects in Fargo if it hasn't reached here already.”

Conner Linnerooth - Facebook post

“We R Us should get on that eh? S/O to Midwest Selects LBVS......#TEAMWINNING”

Preston Ruby Scott - Facebook Comment

“@MidwestSelects buying the album on iTunes tonight!”

Bror Linnerooth - Twitter Post

“Lil @MidwestSelects during a lil shoot around #"G"Files”

TMAIN ♫ - Twitter Post

“S/O to the homies @MidwestSelects! I see ya'll killin it over in Minnesota! #Grindin'!”

Ceige - Twitter Post

“@MidwestSelects great show last night mws... I had fun rockin wit yall”

ChuckBlaze - Twitter Post

“I was grinding to some @MidwestSelects O.D. with some ladies #Zorbaz”

Bryce Johnson - Twitter Post

“If you haven't heard of the #band @MidwestSelects you NEED to check them out! Take it from me, defin a good band to follow!”

Laura Rike - Twitter Post

“bringing the @MidwestSelects to the east coast :) #spreadthelove”

Paxton McCarty - Twitter Post

“alesewaters: Alese got in an a car accident today listening to @MidwestSelects new CD cause it was just sooo damnnnn gooooddddd”

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“Taylor Tmain Main: wants to thank the Midwest Selects for letting me and kurt at their show tonight!! thanks for everything Seth Who-Dat Helland, Will Fritscher, Nik Helland, Thor Linnerooth, Daniel Lauer, you guys killed it!”

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“Riley Wingman Kline: The "G" Files is soooooooooooooo sick!!!!!!!!!!”

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“Gabby Metzger: My life is forever changed... I have a The "G" Files to thank for that :))”

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“Mitch Schueller: Midwest Selects? I think YES!!!!!!!!”

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“Will Fritscher: ‎4/20 who's bumpin ta MWS?! ”

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“Morganne Johnson: Midway Fresh :)”

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“Jordan Shiltz: Midwest Selects”

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“Tommy Martin: ‎Midwest Selects”

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“Jimmy Giese: Ill be right on time, about two hours late, lookin as sharp as ovechkins skates. -Midway Fresh”

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“Josh Dixon: The "G" Files !”

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