“The key elements to good metal. Power, Precision, and passion. Heavy enough to satisfy the metal thrasher inside me yet melodic enough to capture the magical classic metal tones of the 80's.”


“Midnite Hellion is an endearing dose of nostalgia whilst remaining very much in the now!”

Destructive Music

“The talent and the guts to play HEAVY METAL!!!!!”

Hellion Records

“Midnite Hellion is a band fans of Heavy Metal should be excited for. Get ready for a group that has the potential to be the genre’s next big thing.”

Apochs Metal Review

“The band captures the decade of the 80’s in a jar, shoves it onto tape, and offers it only to the hardcore. These are the kinds of bands that made me wish I lived in the 1980s.”

The Metal Advisor

“They carry the spirit and feeling of older heavy metal well, without the disruption of trying to thicken it up, make it heavier, or make it a modern take.”

Contaminated Tones

“Midnite Hellion takes you back to the late 70´s/early 80´s and classic heavy metal with bands like Judas Priest, Accept and Virgin Steele. Reminiscent of Judas Priest anno 1979 and they really nailed it; you could fool anyone with this being an old heavy metal recording.”


“Solid, played well, has strong vocals and sounds like a NWOBHM song that we somehow missed back in the 80’s.”

Skullbanger Media

“Old school heavy metal worship at its finest, something that could easily have been pulled straight from that pile of heavy metal tapes your dad has been hording in the basement for all these years. Midnite Hellion has raised the flag high for Heavy Metal and it’s time for you to answer the call!”


“Four great tracks of thrash and heavy metal that had me thinking I was at L’amour's in Brooklyn, NY. If you’re into Deadly Blessing, Omen and any pure heavy metal sound this band is your ticket.”


“Midnite Hellion isn’t reinventing the wheel, or anything else for that matter, but this is done so well that I don't give a damn. This is proper old school Heavy Metal and it's superb.”

Brutiful Metal Radio

“Midnite Hellion shows great promise of becoming a torch-bearer for traditional heavy metal and thrash.”

A Metal State of Mind

“The only thing missing from this band now is more.”

Metal Temple

“Witches Brew has announced the release date for the new MIDNITE HELLION 7” single, 'Hour Of The Wolf', to be unveiled on Friday, November 29th. There will be two versions available, one on blue translucent vinyl (limited to 100 hand-numbered copies), and the other on standard black vinyl (limited to 400 hand-numbered copies). The blue translucent vinyl will also include a sticker of the cover artwork, and both editions will feature a full-color A1-sized poster (33.1” x 23.4”), lyric sheet, and merchandise order form. The pre-sale for both editions has begun, with the blue translucent vinyl already almost sold out. Pre-sale links are as follows: - Blue Translucent Vinyl Edition - Black Standard Vinyl Edition”