Midnight Spin / Press

"..at a Midnight Spin show, those devoted fix their gaze upward, unfold their arms, and proceed to violently skank and hop about between bouts of fervid admiration bordering on a religious experience."

“Don't Let Me Sleep - Rolling Stone MP3 of the Day”

"...this guitar-driven collective rattles off top-notch alt rock that has all the trappings to make a sizable dent in 2013 and beyond. Quite simply, there aren't many albums these days with few if any flaws, Don't Let Me Sleep is one of them."

"The album combines the infectious hooks of '90s alt-rock radio with spitfire punk energy"

"Imagine if Foo Fighters some how grew up as fans of early The Killers, with a little of The Strokes tossed in for flavor"

"One of the East Coast's most exciting rock bands"

"If these guys didn’t love their instruments so much, their energy on stage looks like they’d enjoy nothing more than smashing them around by the end of the set"

"Midnight Spin bring the rock like it’s going out of style, ripping through guitar riffs like 2am Doritos, and topping it all off with triple stacked hooks."

"take-no-prisoners New York rock"

"Midnight Spin has that contagious, infectious sound that beats its way into your memory"

"Well engineered rock-n-roll that is fast, furious and focused on making you fist pump at least one time"

"make you sing along as you head bang (or whip your hair back and forth) and jump up and down like a petulant child"

"It’s got the stabbing guitar and hard hitting drums of a rock song but a catchiness about it that makes it all stick."