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“Tacoma based five-piece rock crew Midnight Salvage Co. are a beer drinking sort. Their first album, What You Hope For, produced by the veteran ear of Conrad Uno (Young Fresh Fellows, Gashuffer, Fastbacks, Mudhoney), is straight-up beer-drinking, whiskey-shooting heartland rock, a gritty, stripped down rock panorama somewhere between Asbury Park Springsteen and The Hold Steady. Brason Alexander's gravelly, sputtered vocals set the tone for these 10 Friday-night-at-the-bar-hanging-round-the-jukebox blue collar flavored tunes.”

“Midnight Salvage Co. is an emerging band in the muddied Americana music scene of the Pacific Northwest; not based in ultra-hip Seattle, but in the metal-soaked scene of Tacoma. Lead singer and songwriter, Brason Alexander’s vocals will either draw you into their music, or immediately drive your hand to the skip button, but their music is worth a second listen (and after all, vocals in music are polarizing by nature). Something about their debut record reminds me of their huge influence of Bruce Springsteen’s The River album, but I also hear an element of what I initially thought might be Lou Reed’s vocal contrast with some of the early Velvet Underground music. After listening to my VU records again, I cannot pinpoint a song and maybe it’s something else entirely, but something is swirling in some of the musical phrases that brings me to that reference. Whatever it is, is what kept me returning to this debut and deciding to listen again. After a homemade EP, Midnight Salvage Co”

“MSCo’s brand of rock and roll lies solidly between red dirt Americana and rootsy, country rock. It would be easy to make comparisons to Petty and Dylan and the like, but lead singer Brason Alexander has his own unique, gravelly voice that he uses to paint lyrical pictures of life, love, and loss. This is an album of diverse sound, which compliments the lyrical prose. From the lonely violin in 21st St. to the driving guitars and pounding drums in Dull Knife, there’s really something for everyone. With Bryan Kiehl on guitar, Michael Haley on drums and Aubrey Shelton on the keyboard, MSCo. can rock you or play a sad song, both with conviction and skill. Leaning on Conrad Uno at Egg Studio to bring his expertise and experience to this project was a great move. What You Hope For is a solid representation of MSCo that we’ve been hearing from their live shows around these parts for the last few years. It’s their first release since 2009, and this is the album is definitely worth t”

“This album packs one hell of a punch. This is sort of a mix of hard driving rock and folk, something I could drink to by a campfire but also blast while trying to get through traffic. Some tracks are heavy and harken back to the grunge infused rock of the early 90s while other tracks are on the mellow side, taking on a life of their own. And yet, at times, some tracks lean on classic rock elements, reminding me a little of Tom Petty. That all in mind, it’s hard not to like this album. Sweet guitar workings, piano riffs, occasional harmonica (which I love), folk styled lyrics, wild yet strong vocals and a compelling sound… Seriously, this is something to be heard. I would have to say “New Dress” is by far my favorite. It’s different from what I’ve heard on here, blending a certain woefulness in using blues, folk and grunge elements. It’s unprecedented but it pulls me in, and before the song is over, I’ve found myself singing along with the chorus. 4.5 out of”

“The local rock press has at various times described MSCo.’s sound as part E Street Band, part Modern Lovers, and part Bob Dylan, with a little Johnny Cash thrown in for good measure. While it’s true that singer-lyricist Brason Alexander does at time sound eerily like an early Springsteen (and Dylan in all his off-key glory), and drummer Michael Haley’s metronomic power can be decidedly Max Weinbergesque, it might make more sense to say that in this band we witness the evolution of the Tacoma Sound. From the hourly-wage garage beat of The Wailers and The Sonics to the country-punk of Neko Case, Tacoma is a town that knows how to work, and MSCo. is a band that punches the clock on the factory floor of rock ‘n’ roll. We caught the group’s CD release party at sold-out Jazzbones in Tacoma the first week of April. Sixth Avenue isn’t exactly the Jersey shore, but there’s plenty in this album’s slam and story line that’ll remind you of The Wild, the Innocent & the E-Stre”

“Midnight Salvage Co. has been making a name for themselves around the Northwest music scene (especially in their home town of Tacoma) and their long-awaited debut album should not disappoint the hordes of fans who have acclaimed the band’s high-energy live sets over the last few years. “What You Hope For” picks up where MSCo.’s 2009 EP left off, (even sharing its name with the EP’s title track) and is keeping American rock alive while foraging into a little deeper, darker, lyrical territory. “New Dress” stands out on the album, as it features each musician’s personal contributions through a series of instrumental solos, coupled with Alexander’s simple yet emotionally-driven vocals that flow between slow and sulky to cries of intensity. “Dull Knife” picks up the pace, making for a punk-rock inspired, highly danceable track that surely gets the live crowd a-moving.”

"Midnight Salvage Co. is cool. Poetically delivered vocals, a la Bob Dylan meets Jonathan Richmond, surrounded by a strong and dynamic rock band."

Conrad Uno - Founder of PopLlama Records

"Midnight Salvage Company brings the sort of rock that should still be on the radio. It’s good solid rebel rock..."

“Genre: Americana rock Sounds Like: Springsteen, Dylan, Clash, Marah Production/Musicianship Grade: 10/10 Commercial Value: 9/10 Overall Talent Level: 9/10 Songwriting Skills: 9/10 Performance Skill: 9/10 CD Review: The other night, I was having a heck of a time opening the wrap for this CD, so I got out some scissors. In the process of slicing the plastic, I gouged my finger, too. This had better be good for all this trouble, I thought. Well, Midnight Salvage Co’s EP is a whole lot better than good. It is an operatic and intense blast of rock and roll, calling to mind the punk attitude of the Clash and the Pogues as well as the purposeful, gritty anthems of early Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty...... ”