Midnight Risers / Press

“Still splitting members between Atlanta and Birmingham, Midnight Risers have a new three-song EP out – I’m the Sparrow, You’re the Stars – made up of leftovers from the sessions for their impressive debut album, which, confusingly, had the exact same title. One of the curses of being around this scene as long as I have is that they sorta strike me as a more soulful, rootsier, parallel universe version of Insane Jane. I guess it’s just something in the delivery of vocalist Anna Denbo. Or maybe it’s early Alzheimer’s. Either way, these three cuts are certainly as strong as anything on the album, actually stronger than much of it.”

““The addition of banjo was the difference maker as lead singer Anna Denbo drove the tunes with her boisterous vocals. They complimented the other bands nicely and I highly suggest you check them out whenever possible.””

“Singer Anna Denbo of Midnight Risers may have a sound and delivery reminiscient of Neko Case, along with other feisty female belters, but you’d be wise to look past the obvious and get off on the blissful swirl of soul they so powerfully call forth. Splitting members between Birmingham and Atlanta, I’m the Sparrow, You’re the Stars is the trio’s debut album, recorded in Norcross. They’ve been playing around the region for a few years now, but I don’t see any nearby gigs on the immediate horizon. Too bad, they’re my discovery of the month.”