Midnight Messiah / Press

“Almost without any breaks between the three songs, they open tonight with “Thirty Pieces Of Silver”, “Damned For All Time” and “Evil One”. And believe it or not, MIDNIGHT MESSIAH are making magic. This was an awesome start. The opener is easy on the ears and contains that well-known catchy ELIXIR sound, that makes it go down pretty easily. I think it’s one of the killer songs on the album and a perfect way to start your show. Goosebumps appear with the first ELIXIR cover “The Star Of Beshaan”. What a killer track!! You can hardly call this a cover of course, because almost half the band consists of ELIXIR members and with a jaw dropping performance of this ELIXIR classic, they prove that MIDNIGHT MESSIAH has got the same energy, the same drive and the same attitude as ELIXIR.”

“I awaited the arrival onstage of Midnight Messiah. Now this band are another newish band, but unlike Toledo Steel they are not made up of young musicians. Vocalist Paul Taylor and guitarist Phil Denton are former members of Classic NWOBHM band Elixir. I loved Elixir back in the 80's but never got to see them live. They finally disbanded in 2012 but thankfully Midnight Messiah were born and this gig was a dream come true for me because the band had decided to put some older songs into the setlist which went down a storm. They didn't overshadow any of Midnight Messiah's own material though. Their debut album 'The Root Of All Evil, which Paul very kindly gave to me is a storming beast, reminiscent of Saxon and Demon and live they are a force to be reckoned with. Young guitarist Dave Strange is a real talent and 'The Evil One' is a song destined to become a metal classic. When they had finished their set you couldn't wipe the smile off my face!”

“I know that a festival is never a competition, still some shows you always like better than others. For me the first huge surprise of the day came in Midnight Messiah. I had their CD, but did not have the Elixir albums (quickly got them after the show as they were available on CD or vinyl) This band had a diverse show, great songs and they turned out to be a band that makes you wonder why did they not break big again? A band to follow closely, hopefully I can make it to Heavy Metal Maniacs in October.”

"‘The Root of All Evil’ is a deep and meaningful release that has a bit more soul than a simple metal release, musically tantalizing at every twist and turn that provides a rewarding listening experience".