Midnight Bombers / Press

“San Francisco-based Midnight Bombers certainly like to rage! It's a far cry from the Frisco flower power of the '60s: just imagine Slayer had listened to more Black Flag than Judas Priest then you're probably not a million miles away from what these bad boys sound like; more Circle Jerks or Dead Kennedys than Saxon, that's for sure. Unlucky for some but 13 tracks nailed to this CD with a sledge hammer as well, I'd imagine. Tight as two Rizla papers this is a great sounding record and right from the off 'American Sex' sounds like it's totally pissed off: "Impulsively feasting, I couldn't stop eating" - way to go guys, fill yer boots I say. Brutal and bloodied for an opener, that's for sure. 'Submit To Abuse' is up next and it follows on with a nasty in yer grill riff that isn't about to break out into a piano middle eight, methinks.”