Mico de Noche / Press

“quite possibly the loudest band on the planet...the band's blast of galvanized sludge rattled the outside tables and chairs.”

“While their music might fall in the stoner rock realm, their sound is much more abrasive and visceral.”

“If anything was indicative of the thrilling potential of Seattle's metal scene, it was the fact that this three-song, 10-inch split release was as well-received as it was hotly anticipated. Brothers of the Sonic Cloth's 12 minutes-plus, psych-tinged opus on side one is elephantine-heavy and soaring, while Mico de Noche's two brutal blasts of galvanized sludge are perfectly concise counterpoints.”

“In 2010, Mico De Noche sits with 4 releases under their belt and easily their most anticipated record on its way. Word on the street is that some initial promos have been released and the response to the new material has been a resounding two horns up. If it’s a good metal bludgeoning you are looking for, Mico De Noche will be surely oblige your request.”

“These guys are pretty damn heavy. Makes me want to go back and give 'Cherries' another shot, but in the meantime, there's the meth-Goatsnake aggression of 'Ganges' to tide me over — and with the break and tsunami groove that kicks in at two minutes, that's a full meal in itself. The mix is especially forceful on Mico de Noche's tracks, which sound clean but natural and cap off the split with an excellent blend of pissed off attitude and crisp metallic expression.”

“I know people are going to flock to this because of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, the new racket featuring Tad Doyle, but let’s not lose sight of Mico De Noche’s two contributions. “Ganges” at first struck me as a better than average Black Cobra-type thrasher, but after the second listen I’m of the opinion that it’s a shit ton stronger than the last material I heard from that more well known outfit. Both bands have an emphasis on “crushing,” but Mico De Noche really lays down Thee Heavy on the second part of the song, where speed is exchanged for doom-like riffs. “Misanthrope” approaches song structure from the reverse angle - starting off slow and Sabbathy and then galloping off. Both songs show how formidable the band’s become since fleshing out the ranks with a second guitarist and a bassist (they were originally a guitar and drum two-piece). I’m glad they’re back on my radar.”

“Mico De Noche’s logo looks like something out of the movie Scarface. They like drugs. Maybe they just like to put drugs in their logos. Mico De Noche is heavy and slow the way Torche used to be heavy and slow. The music is tuned down and often times stonery and the vocals sound like Danzig on steroids (pun intended). Their half of the split with Tad Doyle’s Brothers of the Sonic Cloth is heavy.”

“Do you like heavy, sludgy, muddy, crushing music? Well, as promised, here's the recent Brothers of the Sonic Cloth split with Mico De Noche. This is heavy as hell and was only released on 10" vinyl format - needless to say it is very limited edition. The track "Fires Burn Dim In The Shadow of the Mountain" is a 12 minute crushingly satisfying, sludgy epic and the Mico De Niche tracks are just as deliciously heavy. I'm thrilled to have possession of this on MP3 format as this is one of the greatest doom related (or actually any genre) releases I've heard in quite some time so now you can enjoy it as well.. and enjoy you shall.”

“Best Live Bands I Saw in 2009: Smooth Sailing Sunn 0)) Vultures2012 Bacchus Them Crooked Vultures Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth Jesus Lizard Brother Raven Mico De Noche Yob”

““Ganges” is a full-throttle, pedal-to-the-metal headbanger’s piece of heaven, which sounds like early Black Sabbath re-interpreted by Nomeansno, which means that it’s pretty cool, in a deranged sorta way. “Misanthrope” is a bit slower, but more strung-out and psychotic, making me thing of Kyuss with dirtier production and more drugs, of the expired kind, although the guys know how to speed things up considerably, giving us a pretty moshing second part (all this shit happening within less than four minutes).”