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“As Preston Hall and Antonio Wagnon finished their set, which featured an awesome cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”, it was time for the headliner Mic Manik to shine. And shine, he did. Easily the best rap performance of the night, Mic Manik and A.D. Garcia gave the audience exactly what they wanted. Performing their hits “Superman” and “I Go Hard”, the two definitely entertained everyone.”

“Everyone anticipated the next act slated to rock the mic. With a dream in his head and song in his heart, Mic Manik is an unmovable mountain. It seems that with every performance MANIKLAND has become a pillar in the local rap scene. With Mr. A.O.C. behind the turntables and with AD Garcia wrecking the mic, this iconic unit flew us all to the moon and back. Mic Manik is a big man with a huge musical appetite. His ability to jump from one style of music to another is unmatchable. We all rocked out to a collection of MANIKLAND tunes like “Superman”, “I Go Hard”, and “Try and Stop Me Now”. The most requested artist on Paris Live Open Mic, Mr. Manik & his crew are in the makings of an empire. Sharing the spotlight, he has opened the door for many other artists itching to present their talents. He understands what it takes to thrive in the rap game and considers his family to be his corner stone.”

“In the supporting slot was a lyrical beast going by the name of Mic Manik. He impressed everyone with his stage presence, energy, and style. His crew on stage with him consisted of long-time collaboration partners “Ashtre”, “Wendell Johnson”, and “A.D. Garcia”. Mic Manik is a force to be reckoned with. His unique blend of rap meets rock and hip-hop raises the bar for all local artists. The Manik crew tossed out chilling tracks like “Manik Land”, “Godzilla Vs. King Kong”, and the newest lyrical edition to the Manik collection entitled “Painting Pictures” featuring Preston Hall. The entire courtyard was full of Manik Heads showing love to Paris Live Open Mic’s favorite artist. After the Manik dust settled, it was time for the headliner of the show.”

“Crosswire was alive with the spirit of local music unity. On Friday July 27th 2012, two of the most talked about music acts in our area shared a stage for what was to be a collaboration of country meets hip-hop. With Jeremy Phifer headlining, Mic Manik kicked off the night of fusion. Mic Manik has hit the local music scene with an explosion of unique style. With Wendell Johnson on the turntable, Ashtre bringing the hype, and A.D. keeping it live, the Manik Crew dove into a set of mind blowing tunes. Songs like “Manik Land”, “Watching the Water Roll”, and “I Go Hard” had the crowd singing along. Mic Manik was a beast yet again on stage and we can’t wait to see what comes next from this latest addition to our local scene.”

“Manik live @ Buffalo Joe's July 21st”

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