Mic Lyric / Press

"Honestly I'm not too much of tha NIGHT LIFE/ instead i'd ratha be off in tha lab gettin ma RHYMES TIGHT/ tha fame n tha LIME LIGHT at times is OVA RATED/ but I'll deal wit EVERY bit jus ta say I finally MADE IT"

Mic Lyric - Twilight

"I alwayz stay FADED, Mary Jane's tha BARBER"

Mic Lyric - Militant

"Ma struggles' had its ups n downs, but I am optimistic/ Life is hella stressful so das y I'm always lifted/ People tell me that I'm gifted, I say "thank you", den I'm gone/ cuz a lot of people fake n I can't have dat in my zone..."

Mic Lyric - Closer Ta My Dreamz

"Swag is wut YOU make of it, a lot of niggas fakin it/ copy n immitatin shit, but naw dis ain no hatin shit!!"

Mic Lyric - Swagga Jacka

"Anybody can listen, but me I comprehend it!"

Mic Lyric - Closer To My Dreamz