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"Michelle Walker has a wonderful voice, a voice of unusual character. It's very intimate, but versatile, moving from growls to sighs with rare flexibility. While the voice shows confidence, it also allows cracks of vulnerability to surface from time to time. She has the kind of pipes and nuance that turns other vocalists green with envy and prompts recording engineers to pull their best vintage mics out of the closet." ______________________________

Suzanne Glass - Suzanne Glass

"Michelle Walker essentially entices with her vocal signature of relaxed phrasing and a bluesy frenzy –similar to vocal stylings of Lady Day. An original with her own style and innermost story. How wonderful are the things that we artists can create when we stick to our own voices. I’ll surely look forward to her next release that shares that same vibe and innermost originality that Michelle expresses through her own niche of writing and arrangement. I demand more writing from Ms. Walker, for her own voice is what sets her apart from the rest." ______________________________

"The jazz world will agree that Mark Murphy is definitely hip. And this hippest of jazz singers comes to town Friday night for a return engagement kicking off a new season of Jazz on Granby concerts at the Roper Performing Arts Center. This time around it’s an evening billed as “The Duke Ellington Songbook,” and he’ll be joined by young vocalist Michelle Walker. “She was one of my students,” he explains. “But I suddenly realized that this is no student, this is an emerging artist. She’s really singing the soul of the song." ______________________________

"Walker possesses a set of strong vocal chords which she uses with remarkable restraint...it's obvious that she has the physical equipment to belt out everything she sings...using her vocal powers like a small hand gun rather than as a howitzer. She also demonstrates an extraordinary degree of musicality as she adds subtle alterations to melody lines, going up when one expects her to go down and other ear catching devices." _________________________________________

"Her voice is a mixture of harmony and power; able to weave deftly between swing, Latin, straight-ahead, and ballad without missing a beat. This CD is the physical embodiment of her passion for song." ______________________________

"For a debut jazz vocals CD, SLOW DOWN is excitingly original in concept and innovative approach, and the vocals of Michelle Walker are topnotch. Michelle Walker has a sensual, restrained, melodic voice that will attract new listeners in the jazz listening audience. Every note is perfectly sounded, every emotion is perfectly visualized as well as vocalized, and her voice is very poignant." _________________________________

"Michelle was chosen as one of his Top Ten jazz performances to see live. Others included, Toots Thielemans, Kenny Werner, Paul Bollenback Trio, Dave Liebman, Bucky Pizzarelli and the Yellowjackets. "The Washington-bred jazz vocalist has a penchant for choice pop ballads, but it's her soulful voice and thoughtful interpretations that set her apart. " “Walker's new recording...has seductive charm…“Slow Down" is more than a title, it's an invitation that's hard to resist…[and it]…illustrates Walker's soulful and often soul-comforting allure. [She has]…a voice naturally tilted toward the blues end of the jazz spectrum” ________________________________