Michelle Chenard / Press

"The best way to describe it is 'acoustic rock,'" said Chenard. "Some of the songs are on the poppier side but primarily acoustic based, and some are on the rock side with a couple of blues-ier, jazzy songs." The current music scene looks a little different from when Chenard first entered it. The rise of the singer-songwriter made the music world a little more open to women. "Women kind of became it. We had a time back there in the '90s where that's what record companies were signing," she said. "(Women singer-songwriters) came around and sort of kicked the door open for a lot of us." Now, in addition to having released her first video, Chenard has formed a new band with fellow musicians Mary McGuire and Barbara Payton, called the Blood Sisters. And between the Blood Sisters, duos with fellow Northern Michigan musician Pete Kehoe and Chenard's own solo gigs, Chenard has carved a solid niche for herself not only in Northern Michigan, but Grand Rapids and Detroit as well.