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“Independent concert series Ladies Rise Up and Rock announced its second annual event today. The concert will be held next spring in Portland, Oregon at the prestigious Alberta Rose Theatre on Friday, April 11. Ladies Rise Up and Rock: Portland will be a retrospective show highlighting famous female singers from 1945 to the present day, headlined by local singer-songwriter Michele Van Kleef. The Portland chapter of this event will explore the importance of women in music through the decades, including songs by such powerhouse artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Carole King, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Pat Benatar, Heart, Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, and many more." It's designed to explore the legacy these influential female singers have left in the music world," says Carl J. Mancuso, creator of Ladies Rise Up and Rock. "I picked Michele [Van Kleef] because of her versatility. She's going to cover eras of different hit songs in a way that hasn't really happened up to this point." C.Mancuso”

“Wilsonville musician and Starbucks barista Michele Van Kleef will soon be serving up a double shot of coffee accompanied by her own music. Songs from her CD will be included on the playlist sent May 29 to Starbucks stores worldwide. Van Kleef, an accomplished solo musician and former singer with indie band Calobo, made the connection last June when she was the featured entertainer at the opening of the Starbucks in the Brewery Blocks. Mingling with guests after her solo acoustic set, she met Cliff Burrows, president of Starbucks. The next week, she emailed him and said it would mean the world to her if he would pass on her album to his music department, and he connected her with Timothy Jones, who heads up the music selection for Starbucks stores.  She received a voice message from Jones, praising her album and confirming it would be included on one of the playlists mixed especially for Starbucks stores. ”

“Michele's voice is one of the best I've heard. It’s silky, strong and diverse, reminiscent of Ann and Nancy Wilson.”

Ginger Caviness - GC Productions

“Melodic, rich, unexpected and the songs, beautifully crafted. It’s all delivered  with really wonderful production detail. (Tchad Blake and Scott Schorr).”

Inessa- Programming Assistant On Air-On Line Content Producer - KINKfm Radio

"Edgefield Winery: Michele Van Kleef ~ A former member of Calobo and the lead singer of Mackabella, Michele is just straight-up cool. She can sashay from raspy-voiced rocker to acoustic singer-songwriter-type in less time than it takes to put a needle on a record. I especially dig her song "Paint You Red," a tune that starts off almost jazzy, but then slides into rock instrumentation with just a hint of island beats. On top of which, of course, you'll find Van Kleef's well-honed vocals."

“But it is Van Kleef’s vocal skills that steal the show during a live performance.”

Josh Kulla - Wilsonville Spokesman

“Amazing Local Musician to Open for KINK FM”

Villebois Village Center

“A woman whose power will make you feel utterly controlled by the music...”

Stepping Out - Jackson Hole News