Michele Roger / Press

“Nominated for a 2015 Detroit Music Award for classical music”

“http://warpedmag.com/michele-roger- Warped magazine interviews Celtic and Classical harpist,Michele Roger on new projects, new collaborations and new music in Detroit.”

“See Michele Roger in the June 2012 Detroit Music magazine "Klassik Hype" at Klassikhypemagazine.com This issue is about Detroit artists who cross the borders of traditional genres into other aspects of music in order to create new sounds and new opportunities.”

"With the release of Michele Roger's album "Reinvention", experience peaceful present moments with every song that has been compiled as it elicits memories of past romances or unforgettable moments in your lifetime. The exquisite sounds of piano, harp and accompanying instrumentation are breathtaking and moving. Michele Roger mingles a new soothing sound that will bring you to a place where you've never been. Experience "Reinvention" which has a style all its own. Let your soul relax and unwind and let your heart be uplifted and swept away with Michele Roger's "Reinvention".

Natasha - Reverbnation