Mic Harrison And The High Score / Press

“Roots rockers Mic Harrison & The High Score surprised long-time fans with their 7" collaboration with Knoxville country music legend, Con Hunley, on Anytime You're Ready. The pair of songs stretch the sounds of each, still sounding like MHHS, but expanded by the new influences. Harrison and Hunley's voices complement each other in two crowd-favorite sing-alongs.”

““Mic’s songwriting really shines brightly on such a small record. It takes some great musicianship and songwriting technique to show a full range of diverse music within just two songs. From the single strummed chords and matching harmonies of Anytime Your Ready”, to the raucous pitch harmonic guitar driven leads of “Broken Hearted In A Single Wide”, this 7″ record encapsulates what great AMERICANA ROCK N’ ROLL is!”

“Great Commotion demonstrates just how much this band has become not just a singular entity, but one of the best bands in East Tennessee. The “and” in Mic Harrison and The High Score is no longer just a conjunction connecting two musical personalities; at this point, it's just part of the name of a damn good band that's made an album worthy of repeated listenings.”

"The band’s third album, Great Commotion, is its best yet—and the earlier two were great."

"On The Right Side Of The Grass is a Southern-fried helping of soul music — the audio equivalent of a slab of barbecued ribs, mashed taters, pinto beans and collards with a hunk of pork. That doesn't mean it's Southern rock — it's Southern."

The Daily Times

"On The Right Side Of The Grass is filled with good-time honky-tonk country and roots rock. The songs are fit for both the Saturday night party and the Sunday morning hangover."

Knoxville News Sentinel

"On The Right Side Of The Grass is full of losers and reprobates who drink too much, work too hard (or not hard enough), and end up with the wrong women. But it is an upbeat record, and as country as anything he’s done since the V-Roys’ debut, Just Add Ice."

Metro Pulse

"Mic Harrison returns to his rural roots with a gritty, rough-hewn third album that blends blue-collar values, the history of the heartland, and an ample dose of alcohol-soaked reflection."

Performing Songwriter