Michael Zapruder / Press

"If Beck's "The New Pollution" and Joni Mitchell's "Free Man in Paris" conceived a child, it might sound something like this"


““… lilting, dreamlike folk… symphonic compositions in the mold of Sufjan Stevens or Andrew Bird.””


"The songs themselves are elegantly structured, symmetric but not quite predictable. A remarkable effort from a very talented songwriter. 8 out of 10."


"...one of the inheritors of Leonard Cohen's crown of thorns, Zapruder explores themes of isolation and eros without the customary whine."

Los Angeles Times

"Merits repeated listens, further investigation, and attention to future releases."

Under the Radar

““… a rich, literary level of detail elevates these quiet little diaries to miniature symphonies that are at once grand and heartbreakingly intimate in scope… a very, very rare kind of record… it exhibits the depth and emotional maturity of a film.””

Aquarian Weekly

"It's probably not too much of an overstatement to hang the "genius" tag on multi-instrumentalist Michael Zapruder."


"Intense and harrowing songs."

Ocean View Press

"...vast and varied…akin to hearing Rufus Wainwright croon over Andrew Bird's simmering string arrangements."


"Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope greatly rewards those willing to put their headphones on and dive into its depths."


"...gorgeous, uplifting, well-wrought, and magical."

Delusions of Adequacy

"Every sound and word is thoughtfully placed, every dynamic shift is carried out with precision, every sentence (both verbal and musical) is phrased significantly... Michael Zapruder is working firmly embedded in the auteurial model of composition and arrangement, and he is a brilliant director."

Said the Gramophone

"...a damned fine singer-songwriter (and guitarist and pianist) from San Fran, Zapruder's little song-nuggets evoke Rufus Wainwright and newer Elvis Costello."

Village Voice

"This record belongs on the shelf between Lennon's Double Fantasy and Westerberg's 14 Songs. Go get it."

Performing Songwriter

"... beautiful folk-pop ballads resonant of the voice of Rufus Wainwright and wordplay of Andrew Bird"